Urban Catalyzers:
The Scales of the Public

with Manuel Bailo Esteve

Bulevardul Unirii, Bucharest.

This project attempts to map out the constellation of individuals and objects, the circulation of effects, and the power struggles contributing to the construction of public spaces in different geographies and socio-cultural contexts. The formal analysis of the most meticulous details made possible by drawing attempts to identify the material traces of the events, strategies and agents—mostly mapping out the interaction of architects and urban planners with individuals and collectives outside of the design disciplinary boundaries—through which public space is negotiated both socially and physically.

Alexandre Orion’s ‘Óssario,’ Sao Paulo.

The project includes the analysis of polemical cases—such as the lower, citizen-like scale of the oversaturated commercial landscape brought by liberalism to Ceaucescu’s Bulevardul Unirii—as well as the assessment of the effects caused by opposite strategies such as the different scales and operations in Alexandre Orion’s maintenance operations to transform a dirty tunnel into a public art gallery in Sao Paulo, (Ossario) in comparison to the excess of construction in Jože Plečnik’s Tromostovje [Triple Bridge] in Ljubljana.

Plečnik’s Tromostovje, Ljubljana.