After Belonging: The Objects,
Spaces and Territories of the
WaysWe Stay in Transit


with Ignacio G. Galán, Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Alejandra Navarrete Llopis, and Marina Otero Verzier (After Belonging Agency)

published by Lars Müller Publishers
with Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016

Video by Vendedores de Humo

In 2015, the online retailing company Alibaba shipped 12.2 billion packages to home addresses. The social media platform Instagram contained 58,940,079 posts tagged #home. And, at present, more than 240 million people are living in a place where they were not born. In Oslo alone, the Triennale location, over 30% of the population consists of migrants. At the same time, the number of tourist arrivals throughout the world —stays of less than twelve months—is over one billion. In Norway, this number is almost five million, roughly the same as its stable population. Contemporary spaces of residence are shaped around the circulation of goods, images, and individuals moving throughout wider territories.

Within this new scenario, this book examines both our attachment to places and collectivities as well as our relation to the objects we produce, own, share and exchange. It analyzes the architectures entangled in these definitions through a selection of projects, texts and case studies. This publication is the result of the research leading up to Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016.

After Belonging won the FAD Award Thought and Criticism, 2017.

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