A Fine Line: Scenarios for Bordering Conditions


With Maite Borjabad, Enrique Espinosa, and Lys Villalba
Art direction by Jorge López Conde

I International Architecture Biennial Donostia

In the architectural context, the complexity of a line can be approached from a geometric perspective. We could understand it exclusively as a graphic tool: as the formal mechanism that allows us, simply by delimiting matter or space, to establish parameters of inclusion or exclusion within any given surface; a limit where previously- whole elements are divided, differentiated, and classified. Yet, what happens between these elements once the line has been defined? What happens between these new beings, now understood to be of a “different nature”. What mechanism is able to perform this distinction? Any fastidious scrutiny of a line in the search for these answers will inevitably bring us to the same conclusion: only one thing can be found in-between what is divided by a line: its width.

A Fine Line is a platform for conversation and debate exploring the hidden realities below -and besides- line widths, giving special attention to their border condition, the theme proposed for this first edition of the MUGAK, I International Architecture Biennial, San Sebastián. This project proposes an analysis and problematization of the concept from the perspective of architecture and its context, with the aim to acknowledge and expose its complex and polysemic character, and transcend merely geopolitical considerations.

Set of instruments use to reenact the different projects designed by each of the team. Photo by Jorge López-Conde